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Youth Employment

See links to right for job descriptions for MassMutual’s IT Academy 2015 High School and College Positions!

If you’re between the ages of 16-21 and you’re already working, chances are very good that someone you know helped you get that job. In Hampden County, our One-Stop Career Centers have Youth Specialists who can help connect you to employers who are hiring.

Please remember that Youth Specialists can not get you a job – you must do that. However, Youth Specialists can help you prepare for employment by helping you to fill out job applications, reading and critiquing your resume and helping you with practice interviews. They can also give you tips on how to spend your time even though you don’t have a job (like volunteering, and participating in an internship). Contact the Youth Specialist nearest you.

For private sector summer jobs, in Holyoke, contact Bud Delphin at CareerPoint by phone at (413) 532-4900 x104. In Springfield, contact Gymmetta Brantley at FutureWorks by phone at (413) 858-2818.

For a list of our publicly funded youth employment program contacts through YouthWorks, click on that contact forms to the right.

Also, see state youth websites as follows:  and