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Occupational Data

All charts are for data extracted as of January 2017 using CEB Talent-Neuron demand analysis software and from labor market information provided by the MA Executive Office for Labor and Workforce Development at . For more detailed assistance, contact Larry Martin at 413-755-1361 or email at .

Top 10 Projected Demand Occupations for Hampden County


Top 10 Jobs for the Top 5 Employment Industries in Hampden County


Top Job Titles in Demand-Springfield MSA

Note that  seven of the ten top occupations in demand doe not require a college degree but may require industry certification.

Top 10 Occupations in Healthcare-Springfield MSA

excel-icon1Top Skills in Demand-Springfield MSA

excel-icon1 Pioneer Valley 2013 Job Vacancy Survey

Top 10 Job Vacancy


excel-icon1Click here for the complete Occupational Employment and Wages spreadsheet

Top 20 Occupations by Employment-Hampden County

Top 20 Occupations by Largest Employment

Top 20 Occupations by Largest Employment


excel-icon1Click here for the complete Fastest Growing Occupations spreadsheet

Top 20 Occupations by Largest Growth-Hampden County

Occupation Growth by Change Level-Feb 2015


Occupational data is available at the MA Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD)