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Labor Market Reports

Guide to State and Local Workforce Data

There is a wealth of state and local employment and economic data – most of it free – from government and private sector sources.  The information is organized by topic to make it easier to find and use. Click here for the guideGuide to State and Local Workforce Data


The following schedule lists the monthly release dates for national, state and local unemployment information and jobs data for 2015 by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.  2015 Schedule

Most Recent State Jobs Release

Most Recent Local Jobs Release

Click for Most Recent LABOR FORCE, EMPLOYMENT, UNEMPLOYMENT Massachusetts and Cities and Towns

Skills Gaps? Skills Shortages?

If they exist, then why haven’t wages increased based on the laws of Supply and Demand? This national report takes an in depth look into the issue of skills gaps and shortages. Click here for the report: SKILL_GAPS_SKILL_SHORTAGES_AND_SKILL_MISMATCHES-_EVIDENCE_FOR_THE_US


New release on march 25th, 2015: The latest Occupational Employment and Wages data for the Springfield-CT Metropolitan Statistical Area. Click here for the report: Occupational Employment and Wages MSA_May 2014