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Qualifying as a Training Provider

Funding for Training Providers

Funding for training providers can occur in a number of different ways.
Periodically the REB will directly issue procurement solicitations: “Request for Proposals”, “Request for Qualifications”, “Request for Applications”, etc. for various type funds for training providers, service providers and/or employers.

Open solicitations of ALL types are posted in the Open RFPs page.

In addition, there are procedures, through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, to qualify as a training vendor under various funding sources, such as Title I of the Federal Workforce Investment Act, and with the State’s “Section 30” Training Opportunities and Workforce Training Fund Express Programs.

The REB plays a role in reviewing and approving eligible providers under WIA and can also provide assistance in understanding the other opportunities for training providers.

Qualifying as a Training Provider

“TrainingPro” is a new service of the Massachusetts workforce development partners – the Division of Employment and Training (DET) and the Commonwealth Corporation.

With TrainingPro:

  • Training courses can be approved for participants in a variety of federal and state programs in Massachusetts;
  • Training providers can list their courses online;
  • Training providers can easily update their program information.

With TrainingPro, as training professionals you can apply for approval for your courses for any – or all – of these programs:

  • Workforce Training Fund Express
  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Title I Individual Training Accounts (ITAs)
  • “Section 30” Training Opportunities Program (TOP)

To learn more about these programs and about how to apply for qualifications, go to: