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Project Staff:

Lynne Cimino, Outreach Coordinator:Lynne Cimino, Outreach Coordinator

Lynne has many years of experience designing, coordinating, implementing, and evaluating programs and special events to meet the needs of early childhood individuals and families in a variety of non-profit settings. She has broad experiences designing and delivering programs based on the needs of the individual and community has been a main focus of her career. Lynne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Park and Recreation Administration from Western Illinois University with a concentration in Special Education and Psychology.

Anna Grajales, SHA Program Coordinator:Anna Grajales, SHA Program Coordinator

Anna comes to the TRS project with experience as a Parent Facilitator in the Springfield Public Schools and many years working at Head Start as a community advocate connecting services to parents. She completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science with a concentration in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico.

Maura Geary, Director of Literacy Projects:Maura Geary, Director of Literacy Projects

Maura oversees literacy efforts at the Regional Employment Board, including projects that range from pre-K through Adult Literacy. Prior to joining the REB, she was the Director of Public Policy and Community Planning at the United Way of Pioneer Valley. Her experience also includes work as a case manager and GED instructor for young parents in Springfield and Holyoke. She holds a Master’s in Public Policy and Administration from UMass, Amherst.

Rosemary Hernandez, Program ManagerRosemary Hernandez, Program Manager:

Rosemary has over a decade of experience in Early Education that she brings to the REB in managing early childhood projects as director, administrator and preschool teacher. Her commitment and professionalism have lead her to provide quality services to children and families in the Commonwealth. Quickly realizing her passion for education, Rosemary completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at UMass Lowell and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Project Management at Southern New Hampshire University.

Project Funders: