Career Center Services

Core / Intensive / Training / Rapid Respsonse

Help in finding a job is as close as your nearest career center. There are two primary centers serving residents of Hampden County. Both centers provide a full range of job services to help you in your job hunt and share in the many job listings that are posted by employers at the career centers. These include:

At our Career Centers, jobseekers have access to a broad array of services from a comprehensive assortment of employment programs. There are basic core services available to all jobseekers, and then additional intensive services, and access to training options that may be available to you.

Basic Core Services

  • Outreach and orientation to the information and other services available through the one-stop delivery system.
  • Career counseling as required, based on customer need.
  • Initial assessment of skill levels, aptitudes, abilities, and supportive service needs defined as: initial consultation to identify customer needs, goals and next steps to serve as a basis for creating a Customer Action Plan.
  • Job search and placement assistance, including interview preparation, workshops on resume preparation, listings of jobs currently available within the region and statewide, resume listings, job clubs, and job search and skill-building group workshops.
  • Provision of information on employment and labor market statistics including up-to-date local, regional and national industry and employment trends, job vacancy listings, areas of occupational growth, job skill requirements, and wage rates.
  • Information and referral to job openings (including those posted on on-line job banks) and the hiring requirements of local firms.
  • Program performance and cost information on eligible providers of training services, youth activities, adult education, post secondary vocational education and vocational education activities under the Perkins Act, and vocational rehabilitation program activities.
  • Information regarding how the local area is performing on the local performance measures and any additional information with respect to the performance of the one-stop delivery system in the local area.
  • Information and referral to supportive service resources that offer day care, transportation and other social or health-related services, if appropriate.
  • Availability of staff on-site to facilitate unemployment insurance enrollment as well as phones to file telephone claims.
  • Assistance in establishing eligibility for obtaining financial assistance for training and other services.

Additional Intensive Services

Additional intensive services may be available to you based on your eligibility for various federally funded programs targeted to certain groups. For example, dislocated workers, recipients of transitional assistance, certain economically disadvantaged adults, and youth may be eligible for occupational training and other specialized employment assistance programs. The career center staff will assist you in determining your eligibility for these intensive services.

Training Services

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Rapid Response Services

Rapid Response is initiated when the MA State Dislocated Worker Unit or Rapid Response team from the MA Division of Career Services learns of impending layoffs. Many companies will contact the Rapid Response team to notify them of a layoff and invite them to come on site to help the workers who will be laid off. In some cases, employers are required to provide 60 day’s notice before a layoff. Certain mass layoffs and plant closings will meet the criteria of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining (WARN) Act; the criteria are complex, but some basic levels are layoffs of 50 or more workers at a single site, where 50 is at least one-third of the total full-time workforce at that site, or any layoffs of 500 or more workers at a single site. Other times employers may publicly announce layoffs through the media.

If you know your company is planning layoffs and have not been told that Rapid Response services will be available to you, or your company laid you off without notice, please contact your state’s Rapid Response team. Rapid Response services are then provided by the state team, in coordination with services provided by One-Stop Career Center staff.

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