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Job Seekers & Employees – Career Center

Help in finding a job or in getting the right training and support services to better prepare yourself for finding a job is as close as your nearest career center. Here in Hampden County, a one-stop delivery system, using two Career Centers as the basis for providing one-stop services, has been in place since 1996.

FutureWorks, located at One Federal Street in Springfield and CareerPoint, located at 850 High Street in Holyoke, are your one-stop locations to find Employee and Job Seeker Solutions. These centers are free to use, are funded by the federal and state government, and have staff from other workforce agencies co-located on site to provide a wide range of services.

At our career centers, jobseekers have access to a broad array of services, including assessment, counseling, job search assistance, information on the local labor market, and information on training programs and other support services that can better prepare people for the current labor market here in Hampden County.
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