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Manufacturing/Fabrication Training Program for Springfield Residents

Manufacturing/ Fabrication Training Program

This training is funded through the city of Springfield and the  Regional Employment Board of Hampden County with a goal to provide entry-level workers for regional manufacturing/metal fabrication companies . Sixteen (14) unemployed/underemployed City of Springfield residents will receive instruction from the Sheet Metal Workers Local No. Local 63 as the training venue for the program. The training program schedule will be Monday- Thursdays from 4:30PM-8:30PM. Training is projected to begin November 2018.

Training Program

1 – 10-hour OSHA general industry safety certification

2 – Fundamentals of Safety in Metal Fabrication and Joining Technologies

  1. Demonstrate metal fabrication and joining safety practices.
  2. Utilize Personal Protective Equipment.
  3. Perform safe and proper operation of equipment.
  4. Explain and apply lockout/tag out procedures.

3 – Blueprint Reading

  1. Identify and demonstrate proper measurement devices for specific applications.
  2. Define attributes, tolerances, bend allowances, units, and systems of measurement used in Metal Fabrication fields.
  3. Determine measurement from a decimal equivalent chart.
  4. Determine measurement from common shop hand tools such as: combination squares, tape measures, weld gauges, sheet metal gauges, trammel points, dividers, protractors
  5. Read and interpret prints.
  6. Recognize and identify title block, basic print terms, abbreviations, line types, symbols and notes.
  7. Interpret and follow drawing dimensions.
  8. Determine true measurements from a print, using the appropriate scale.
  9. Read and interpret elevations, section, and detail views.

4 – Hand and Power Tools

  1. Identify safety procedures
  2. Demonstrate the use of hand tools, according to industry and OSHA standards
  3. Use wrenches, hammers and screwdrivers
  4. Use clamping tools
  5. Create holes using awls and punches
  6. Determine square, level, and plumb
  7. Use a pop-rivet gun
  8. Identify and use the appropriate chisels and center punches for varied applications
  9. Select and use appropriate hand files
  10. Use hand snips
  11. Demonstrate mechanical cutting operations, according to industry and OSHA standards
  12. Identify appropriate cutting tools and techniques for specific projects
  13. Use a shear
  14. Use a foot operated shear
  15. Use a drill press
  16. Use a cold saw
  17. Use a horizontal band saw
  18. Use a vertical band saw
  19. Demonstrate the fundamentals of forming metal, according to industry and OSHA standards
  20. Identify the appropriate metal forming tools and techniques for specific projects
  21. Use slip rollers
  22. Use iron worker
  23. Use a brake
  24. Use a universal bender

 5 – Welding and Joining Processes (TBD)

Interested applicants are required to contact MassHire-Springfield:

Nicole Williams

WIOA Career Specialist

MassHire Springfield Career Center