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Educating for Clean Energy- Teacher Professional Development Initiative

Program Overview

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The Goal

The Educating for Clean Energy (ECE) teacher professional development program was developed through a grant provided by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. The mission of the program is to provide STEM (science-technology-engineering and math) teaching, learning, mentorship and partnership opportunities for secondary school science, technology, math, career-technical school educators and community college instructors with companies in the clean energy industry for 40 educators, from Holyoke and Springfield, MA. The teachers will then take the knowledge gained through this unique training program and bring it back to the classroom, ultimately impacting approximately 2000 students across Holyoke and Springfield.

ECE Program Description

A seven day summer session, along with a  one-day teacher call-back session in the mid-Fall and early Spring, will occur in the summer of 2012  for 20 educators. This schedule will be repeated in the summer of 2013 for another group of 20 teachers. This training will focuse on current practices in clean energy technology and will be led by business experts in clean technology in partnership with academic consultants  from the UMass—Amherst STEM ED program. Session topics will include Biofuels, Photo-Voltaics, Wind Energy, Energy Efficient Building Design, Energy Storage, and Fuel Cells.

The 20 Educators each year will include 8 teachers selected from either Putnam Vocational Technical High School and the High School of Science and Technology; 8 teachers selected from either William J. Dean Technical High School and Holyoke High School; and 4 instructors selected from Holyoke Community College.

Partner Organizations

United Technologies Power Systems Holyoke Community College
A123 Battery Systems Holyoke Public Schools
Holyoke High Performance Green Computing Center Agawam Public Schools
Holyoke Gas & Electric UMass Stem ED
Berkshire Wind Farm New England Clean Energy Council
Chealse Bio Diesel Collaborative for Educational Services
Spirit Solar

For more program information contact Larry Martin at 413-755-1361 or email at