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Industry Initiatives

In the REB’s Strategic Plan, strategic goals in four key areas to build the overall quality of our workforce are set forth. One of those is to “Improve Education and Employability Skills of Adults for Quality Careers” in which we commit to taking a leadership role in integrating workforce development with initiatives that support business growth and success, and that enhance the skills of new/incumbent workers, leading to family economic self-sufficiency.

One way to achieve that goal is to promote sectoral training initiatives in high growth industries which utilize a career ladder approach to provide upgraded skills, increased salary, and career advancement for new/incumbent workers.

Current priority clusters the REB targeted in our strategic plan for sectoral training are in healthcare and nursing,  advanced precision manufacturing,  and financial and business services.

Trainings starting in January 2018

Advanced Manufacturing

Construction Skills (Springfield residents)

Sheet Metal Fabrication (Springfield residents)