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Strategic Plan

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This three year Plan builds off of the REB’s first Strategic Plan of 2001 which was subsequently updated for 2006 through 2010. The methods utilized to create these strategic goals for 2011¬† – 2013 included:

  • Researching existing and new workforce development programs, like cluster strategies, and funding models to identify unmet needs,
  • Identifying successful initiatives, e.g., family literacy, that must be expanded,
  • Conducting a REB Board retreat along with follow-up focus groups to revise the existing Plan goals and objectives,
  • Defining methods to create structured career pathways along the workforce development continuum of life-long learning,
  • Identifying current job vacancy rates and projected hiring needs and gathering other initial labor market data, and
  • Incorporating the findings of an assessment of the REB’s external and internal strengths and challenges. Twenty business, education and community organization leaders, as well as all REB staff, were interviewed for this assessment which produced the following findings.

Based on the REB’s dedication to promote lifelong learning, included in the new Plan is a commitment to develop a continuum of strategies that address all segments of the workforce:

  • The Emerging workforce of in-school and out-of-school, particularly Pre-K and at-risk youth aged 14-21, who are or will be the newest entrants into the workplace, and who need education, career guidance, job readiness skills, and support services.
  • The Transitional workforce of unemployed or underemployed workers who need retraining and job search assistance to move into new jobs, including ex-offenders, and disconnected older youth.
  • The Incumbent workforce of employed workers who need additional education and training to retain or advance in their jobs.
    WorkForce Development Continuum

We welcome your comments on the REB‘s Strategic Plan! Please call Bill Ward, the President & CEO at 413-755-1357 or you can send Bill an e-mail.