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REB Overview

Since 1980, the Regional Employment Board (REB) of Hampden County, Inc. has been the region’s primary planner and convener to address workforce development issues.  Established by Federal and State legislation, the REB is a business-led, non-profit corporation that engages its members from business, education, labor and community-based agencies to set public policies that will build a better workforce.

Our only business is workforce development. In partnership with government, business, labor and education and training providers, we coordinate, fund and oversee all of the region’s publicly funded worker training and job placement programs.  We are also conveners and brokers, constantly researching local labor market demands and developing appropriate strategic alliances among employers and training vendors to meet those needs.

Click on the downloadable relevent link to the right for a brief on the “The Critical and Emerging Role of Workforce Investment Boards: How Federal Policy Can Incite Workforce Innovation”, offered from the collective experiences of the Workforce Innovators Network, a community of practice comprised of Executive Directors from local Workforce Investment Boards across the country (including our Bill Ward!), as convened by the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce.  The brief advocates for clear articulation of the role of local WIBs as strategic policy boards working as catalysts and coalition builders.  This is among the most important work we do.

REB Vision Statement:

The Regional Employment Board leads a dynamic, efficient and integrated workforce development system that promotes economic development and community growth, and is rooted in the principles of equity and increased access to workforce development services for employers and job seekers.

REB Mission Statement:

The Regional Employment Board plans, coordinates and oversees the growth and effective use of public and private investment in workforce development initiatives for quality jobs. The Board provides leadership in creating strategic alliances with business, government education and community organizations to provide access to education, training and employment opportunities for all workers, especially for low income adults and youth, disadvantaged minorities and newcomers, dislocated workers, incumbent workers, and their families.

For more, see our Strategic Plan!

Our professional staff are solutions people who develop reemployment strategies for laid off workers, training programs for new workers, and internships for youth.