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About REB

Since 1980, the Regional Employment Board (REB) of Hampden County, Inc. has been the region’s primary planner and convener to address workforce development issues. Established by Federal and State legislation, the REB is a business-led, non-profit corporation that engages its members from business, education, labor, and community-based agencies to set public policies that will build a better workforce.

Our only business is workforce development. In partnership with government, business, labor and education, and training providers, we coordinate, fund and oversee all of the region’s publicly funded worker training and job placement programs. We are also conveners and brokers, constantly researching local labor market demands and developing appropriate strategic alliances among employers and training vendors to meet those needs.

We are uniquely positioned to be the “voice of the local labor market” because we have a One-Stop Career Center system where most of the local labor exchange happens, via FutureWorks, Inc. in Springfield and CareerPoint, Inc. in Holyoke. Through these One-Stop Career Centers, we have first-hand information on job seekers and job openings, labor supply and demand and local hiring trends. The REB’s public workforce development system annually serves over 20,000 job seekers with an approximate $12M budget of Federal (60%), State (35%) and Private (5%) funds.

In 2008 the REB was one of the first to receive the distinguished status of being certified as a “High Performing Workforce Board” by the Governor of MA. Being designated is one thing; ensuring we maintain those standards requires continuous effort at improving the quality of our work. Therefore, in undertaking our latest strategic planning process the REB embraced a renewed commitment to our fundamental values of collaborative leadership, innovation, data driven culture, and diversity which serve as the basis for our Vision and Mission.

Our professional staff are solutions people who develop reemployment strategies for laid off workers, training programs for new workers and internships for youth.

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