The REB is Building a Better Workforce
by developing our talent at all levels.

What’s New

REB Strategic Plan — Click here to read about and download plan covering July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2017.

FY’15 REB Annual Workforce Plan — Click on the link to download the Executive Summary, Powerpoint and/or Full Plan with all documents.

Pictures from our 2014 Youth Jobs Press Conference — Click here to view the pictures from the “relevant links” on right-hand side of the page!!

FY14 Hampden Annual Plan — Click here to download from resources the Executive Summary of the FY14 Annual Plan or full plan documents.

REB Board Member-Only Page — Remember to create your registration for access to materials for Board members (see bottom of page!)

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Regional Economy

The Regional Employment Board will update this website with information and reports on our local economy, labor force, projected areas for job growth, and links to many other web sites with valuable economic and labor statistics.